Looking for an ink cartridge that won’t break the bank?

When you run out of ink, do you find yourself constantly paying out large sums of money for replacement inkjet cartridges? You are not on your own because there are others out there who also haven’t yet heard about the benefits of compatible inkjet cartridges!

When it comes to the price of ink there are few to beat it. An influential consumer magazine famously reported that the cost per millilitre of a certain leading brand of cartridge was priced at over 7 times that of a leading named champagne. When it comes to ink, it seems we will pay more for it than a good aperitif!

For those of us who prefer Lambrusco to Brut, there is a great alternative to expensive ink, which is compatible ink. But do low prices mean we should expect poor results? No. We the consumer will not pay out ridiculously low prices without a care for the quality of our ink. It is not in our interest to compromise on quality for the sake of a low price. Compatible InkJet Cartridges provide good value for money!

Original cartridges are nowadays proving so expensive that people are finding it cheaper to replace their printer instead of replacing their ink.  Forget that! Hang onto your printer for years instead of months because there is a cheaper alternative to satisfy your ink requirements, good old compatible inkjet cartridges. No more nipping out to the shops to replace your printer when it runs out of ink! With compatibles your money will stretch even further.

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